'HR Due Diligence' - What is it?

Generally, 'Due Diligence' may be considered as the evaluation of an organisation, to certain predefined  standards, to identify risks and weaknesses, gauge competency, assess future potential and ultimately ensure that the organisation is 'value for money'.    

'Due diligence' is the responsibility of the Board and Management of the acquiring company to their own shareholders, to ensure that the merger or acquisition is of strategic value to their shareholding. 

'Due Diligence' is common sense - as in informed, smart, decision making.  

'Due Diligence' is much more than looking at the balance sheet.  Assets, liabilities, costs, revenue and profit margins are only part of the picture.

'Due Diligence' assesses the current management team and their staff.  Their knowledge, skills and attitude are crucial to the functioning of the enterprise. 

'Due Diligence' examines the processes and systems to see that they are functioning efficiently and that there are no obvious exposures or risks by the current practices.

There are many other things that a good 'Due Diligence' consultant will examine in their analysis of the overall health of the organisation.  We believe we have them all covered in our processes and practices.  

If you are interested in our services please pick up the phone for an initial chat.  You will find that you are talking to people who understand the process, business and cultural challenges of M&A.  

We have experience of the Gulf and Asia, and the variety of cultures that make acquiring a business there interesting.   You will also find us relaxed and friendly.  That's our job. 

  "Our Mission is to do whatever is necessary, to deliver you an accurate assessment and measurement of the business you are acquiring."



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